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5th week in the REGIMEN - not happy



It has been a rough week for me, since I'm getting terrible breakouts. My face was completely clear a week ago, and my confidence came back and everything was just great. However, without changing anything, I started getting new cysts on my left cheek. Now I have 5 in total. All painful, red bumps that are exactly like the kind of acne I got a month ago. Every morning I looked into the mirror and wanted to cry. Why? I was clear a week ago!
I read countless posts on the forum to find people with similar experiences. Most of them just posted their questions and never came back to reply. Some people reported having bad breakouts 5 months in, but i don't know what happened to them afterwards. Did they get completely clear? How long did it take for them to get clear?What the hell is going on with my skin? 
I'm now using twice as much BP as I did last week, but I don't think it is doing the job. My painful big cyst does not get smaller or less painful the next morning I woke up, and there's a new one right next to it! 
I really really really hope that in a week everything will calm down again. I'm really going crazy right now because the regimen is my last hope it has to work otherwise I'd be ugly forever........


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