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Mostly One Month MARK on ORATANE



Hey guys!Still couple days to go to mark my first month of accutane.I could not comment anything about it.It is nothing much change on my face.Dry lips and dry hair.My hair used to be greasy after a day I shampoo my hair.Dandruff increase like hell.Hair loss gone crazily when I was on third week of accutane.Im pretty freak out right now .Since my hair is dry so I only washed my hair once every two days.Im sure that my hairs fall 100++ like that.Yesterday,I comb my hair with my hand gently.They straightaway fall out a big brunch that cover the floor.Im so freak out about it.My gum had bleed for one weeks ,and my teeth felt loosen.I went to dentist on wednesday.I also seeked my derm on that day too.She gave me another 3 months of oratane.I will be start my freshman university year soon.Area around my eyebrow broke out close comedons and blackheads.I found that mostly of my close comedons they changed to blackhead slowly.Skin structure is really weak and fragile.It happened that a layer of skin gone when I tried to pick them.Blackhead are spreading widely from nose area to cheeks.The blackhead on my nose gnoe crazily.A small dent had formes when I picked my face two months ago.Some small dent formes even I didn't pick that area.Pores definitely getting bigger.THEY ARE TWO BIG PORES ON MY FACE WHICH IS SO VISIBLE.Red spots appeared on my legs.Hairs grow crazily on my face ,hands and legs.My eyebrows will grow back few days after I shaped them.Never be like there.....Hair slowly covers the area above my lips.....like I got mustache
Hard to capture them in pic anyway..
The most bad effect that freak me out is hair loss....Hair loss occurs badly on my eyebrows and hairs...I can see there is a area starting to bald when I check my hair above...
I planned to cut my hair short and wash my hair everyday ...
My hair dropped with those keratin bulb
PS:Hope that they get well soon


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