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10 Month and after Accutane



10 months now, things are still looking good. having a small breakout right now but I am not worried.  No negative side effects from accutane to report. Life is good. Dealing with some other health related things, but nothing major.  Skating a bunch more these days, have a new girl in my life, and conducting research at a top ranked university. never thought I would be here when acne controlled my life. keep it up y'all. I post on this site to try and give people the hope/inspiration they need during this phase in life. I sure needed it last year

Its been about 5 months, everything is still clear!
no weird side effects
feel like myself, no hair loss, no mood /personality change
Keep it up to whoever is on the accutane course right now,  it will get better

been a while since I have been on here, but wanted to post to keep peoples spirits high!

goodluck! and keep a smile on your face 

2 and half months

Its crazy how far I have come over a year. Last thanksgiving I was so bummed and sad seeing my family because my acne had gotten so bad. 

this year I was so stoked to not worry about my acne. My skin is still almost 100% clear and haven't had to worry about my acne at all.

Accutane has improved my life so much.  dont regret the decision to take it at all
Wow its been month and half since I finished accutane

Almost all side effects  have dissapeared!  And acne has not returned at all!

Stick with it!  I will try and keep you all updated 

-It gets easier from here everyone, just remember


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