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It has been a while! I haven't been able to give time as I was moving and a lot has been going on! But I am soooooo happy to tell you guys that this works!! Bless the people who made this website!! 

I am in my 5th month and I don't get acne anymore. The last time I got a new zit was a month and a half ago. I can't tell you how I happy I feel writing that (knocks on wood). So to people out there who just started this or are in their early months...DON'T STOP. It will work. All you need is patience, which I know how hard it is to have when you have big bumps on your face!! But stress won't solve the problem. So relax and keep going!

I am dealing with the scars now, but they're getting better. Don't stress about the scars as they're never permanent. AHA is slow, so I don't know how much it's helping me but I apply it every other night.

Some tips I had which might help:

-If you're still flaking, try changing the moisturizer to cetaphil. Acne.org moisturizer did not help me. (Although all their other products are brilliant)
-Once you start clearing up try reducing the BP content. That'll help reduce the irritation
-Eat healthy and exercise. Those things will definitely help your internal acne issues as you can't use BP your entire life. I really feel that diet change is a permanent solution to this problem so I am all into leading a healthy lifestyle so that I don't aggravate my acne ever again. 
-Try acne supplements or supplements that'll keep your hormones in balance. I use evening primrose oil and fish oil and they have been amazing in regulating my hormones.



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