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Week 2

Week 2 of using Adapalene and Lymecyline.
I have been using the Adapalene every night for 11 days now and taking one Lymecycline capsule every morning.

When using the Adapalene there is a well-known 'breakthrough period' which I myself am experiencing at the moment. I have found that every morning when I wake up after applying the cream, I have lots of small spots on my chin and around my mouth. This does obviously make it hard to persevere with a product that appears to actually be making my skin worse ! However I am determined to stick with the cream for at least 8 weeks and hoping to see some improvement by then....I have also noticed that my skin does feel quite dry and itchy after applying the cream.  

With regards to the antibiotics I don't think they have had any effect on my skin yet and again I'm aware that they may take up to 8 weeks to kick in. The only comment I can make about them is they do have a strange smell which is a bit cheesy and not the most appealing tablets to take, but I'm willing to try anything!   

I have also been doing some research on dairy products as I have recently noticed that when I drink milk my skin breaks out really badly! I have decided to cut out dairy products from my diet mainly including milk, cheese, yoghurts. I will be keeping track of my progress in the next few weeks!


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