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Week 2.5 Regimen



I've been pretty lagged behind on updating my blog, mostly because I've been having all kinds of problems during the past week and I've been posting like a mad person on the forum. Here's the current situation:

My cheeks are cleared up. I mean there's not a single active spot right now. Of course there's hyperpigmentation, and those red/dark brown spots are slightly raised, but I'm not too worried. My skin does not scar - thank God. From my previous experience, those spots should fade away in two months if I do not develop new acne. My forehead had one breakout during the past week. Most of it is clear, and with red marks as well. My chin is breaking out like CRAZY. I have five active cysts right now, all of which appeared within in the past two days. I believe it was because of my stress level skyrocketed. It was mid-term week, and I had to deal with my skin problems while trying to maintain a good GPA. I ate a lot of cream, chili, fried food during the past week at the dining hall, because otherwise my cravings would never be satisfied. I've decided to cook for myself from today on. I went to the grocery store and bought fresh proteins and vegetables. No diary, no fast food, no caffeine, and no alcohol - I believe with BP, BCP, and a health diet, my chin should clear up pretty soon.

I've been watching so many YouTube videos made by people with acne to stay strong. I have absolutely no social life, and I shut myself away in my own room as soon as I get home. I don't even hang out with my housemates, because all of them have almost flawless skins. I do not want to be seen without my tinted sunscreen, and I certainly do not want to be seen when my face is red from BP application. I've just finished one application actually. I cannot even look into the mirror because the lower half of my face looks like a tomato. Maybe it's because it's more sensitive? I don't really know. Sometimes I do not get redness at all but when I do, it scares the hell out of me. 

The good thing is, the regimen is working. I am so grateful that I can see results within this short period of time. Anyway, will keep working with the regimen. Hopefully I can get clear skin by Christmas. 


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