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One week mark on oratane



I had taken 80mg of oratane this week.
On the first day,I successfully pop out two annoy blackhead on my forehead at night.Now still left one annoy blackhead on my forehead.
My left cheek break out a cyst right beside my ear...
My right cheek:
Two close comedons broke out..I had accidentally hurt them when I washed my face so they beacme red ...one of it I pop it (Derm asked me to do that)...one of it gone when I washed my face..I can see now there is more and more comedons transforming to pimple/acne.....˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅
I found that after I pop them and eliminate the puss ...It heal up fast like two to three days then hyperpigmentation might take one to half weeks they will eventually gone ^ω^
Only that those hyperpigmentation which didn't clear well are those that I didn't eliminate the puss...
i order one blackhead clip online with the wish that i could get rid of them before they break out yet nothing work.....It made my face like more serious and skin peel off
It is not as easy as I learnt from some videos..
No serious side effect yet ....
My hair and face still a bit oily
Only that..
my body acne getting lesser and dryer..
My leg and body came out sone red spot all of sudden few days ago...Not sure wat happen...There is also a big red bump on my leg...It look like mosquito bite but it is look like cyst 

Forgot about my pic
Nothing so much bother about my left cheek and forehead
Right cheek :


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