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Day 15



3 things I forgot to mention:

1) since day 2 i had my nose full of dry blood boogers (sorry, theres no way to say this and sound like a lady) but no nose bleed yet.
2) i took birth control pills for 8 years to control my very irregular cycle, this helped a bit with my acne but didnt clear my face.. stopped for a year -affecting my skin at levels i had never experienced before- and started taking them again 4 months ago, when i decided i was going to start the treatment.
3) my lack of appetite is helping because, as i spend 9 hs per day sitting in an office, i eat junk food (cookies, cake, etc) all.day.long. but now i dont feel anxious anymore (dont know if its the pills or knowing that in a few months i will have perfect skin and that im dealing with- what i hope to be- the last batch of spots of my entire life) and replaced my unhealthy snacks with cereal bars, nuts, etc. Instead of having cookies every morning, i now drink vanilla flavored soy milk with chia seeds and oat. I read dairy is terrible for acne so i changed to soy. I always had high cholesterol (genetically) so i do this in order to help my liver as well, as the medicine is too hard on it. i started the treatment with 228 cholesterol (but  very low triglycerides, as always) so i dont really mind, but i do want to lower the cholesterol level if i can.

So, having said all of this, lets start with day 15. Yesterday i had the cortisone shot. It was in my butt but didnt even feel it (and im really scared of needles) remember the 3 big and painful cysts i had on the right side of my face? I went home and when i was gently washing my face (because it hurt sooo much) one of them popped. Gross. I was very surprised because  they usually take ~3 weeks to be "poppable" and yesterday it was only day 2 or 3 and it popped itself! I also noticed there were 2 more cysts emerging on my chin, you couldnt actually see them but you know they are there.
So this morning i woke up 100% pain free and the 2 cysts-wannabes were gone. THANKS CORTISONE!!!

I have my next appointment with the dermatologist  in 12 days. I think she will give me a higher dose, 60mg per day, if i did not misunderstood the conversation we had at the beginning as im not really having a bad time or impossible.to.live.with side effects -so far..- 

Products i use : 
- Avene Cold Cream ultra rich cleansing bar. Both in the morning and evening
- La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer. Both in the morning and evening
- La Roche Posay Toleriane Teint makeup Foundation only over the red spots, i dont want towear makeup all over my face and slow the healing process by clogging my pores even more. 
- Carmex for my lips. Every hour, even if they are not dry.

That's it for now


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