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Day 14



I started taking isotretinoin 14 days ago, 40mg per day (20mg during lunch and 20mg during dinner time) 

Side effects:
- around day 10 i started feeling tight lips but they are not dry yet. Maybe its because I apply Carmex ALL THE TIME so im not letting them get dry anyway..
-  on day 11 I got a big cyst above my right cheekbone, now its almost dead.. its still there, but doesnt hurt anymore.
- on day 12 i got 2 cysts on my right jaw line, one of "my regulars". But they seem to be "dying" fast, I cant believe it!! instead of dealing with them for a month, maybe this time i will get rid of them in a week / 10 days.
- no extra pain yet. Although im always in pain (have tons of spine issues.. cervical herniated disc, scoliosis, hiper-lordosis) so i dont think i could say wether or not my aches are from the isotretinoin or my screwed up spine. Lets just say the pain has not increased since i started the treatment.
- dandruff. My scalp is seriously dry, but theres no itch. Nothing at all. And my hair is WONDERFUL. I did not wash it for 6 days and it looked and smelled as if i just came out of the shower. It used to be soooo greasy! Had to wash it every day.
- weight loss. This week i lost 1kg (2.5lb) because im not really hungry. Im actuallly happy because i have 5 kg i need to lose so this is just great :)

No changes in my skin whatsoever. except maybe my T zone is a tad less oily? Its flaking a little bit but barely noticeable, only when i apply makeup because it looks weird. 
Balckheads are still there,  scars are still there,  nothing has changed.

Today, when i leave the office i need to go get a cortisone shot my dermatologist prescribed  when i started the treatment. She said i should get it in day 14-15 in order to stop/prevent/help the initial breakout. 
Since its only 3 cysts at the moment, i hope with the shot the IB stops there.


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