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ALmost 2 months on spiro



Well, let me just say that I am a few days away from my 2 month mark of taking spiro. It honestly feels like it should be way longer than that! I really haven't seen much change. I have noticed that I am gradually getting less oily, which is great because I HATED my oil production, but it's still not my dream of clear baby soft skin. I never really realized how bad my acne has gotten over the years until I recently looked at old pictures. I remember thinking it was bad then when I was in high school, well I would die to have the "acne" I used to have. It's a little discouraging to look at myself and not really see much change. I know its a long road and it takes time. I try to be consistent with taking my BC and spiro, but I did go through a weekend where I did not take my spiro, and I could notice a very very small difference. It's hard to say if I did truly experience the "initial breakout" phase when I first started spiro, but I still get breakouts- big and small. I will say that my face has not been swollen like it was before I started spiro. That is when I really knew I had to do something more. I felt so uncomfortable in my skin, it was painful. I am really hoping for better days really soon. I just know that it will get better, and I am trying to be as patient as I can be. I have also added a hair, skin, and nail vitamin just 2 days ago that my boyfriends grandma swears by, and I hope to see improvement by adding that to my nightly vitamins. After messing up with my dosage and missing pills of spiro, I have recently added all my medication to a reminder app on my phone so that I can be more consistent with taking it at the same time. 

Does it ever get better?!


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I've been on spiro for a little over a year and my skin is like 95% clear but it took FOREVER to get here (and it's frustrating still not being 100% clear but I'll take what I can get). Definitely be patient and stick with it though! It's obviously working for you if it's reducing your oil production and the amount of inflammation you get. Those were the first things I noticed on it as well, and it makes the breakouts a bit more manageable. Hopefully your acne isn't as ridiculously stubborn as mine as you'll get completely clear soon :) 

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I agree!  It takes a loooooong time.  It also may not give you 100% clarity but it does help.  Give it time and try to think progress in terms of months and not weeks.  

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I've been on spiro for almost one year now (currently at 11 months!) and I'm still breaking out. I'm basically 90% clear and I completely understand what you feel. It's so frustrating to still be dealing with acne after trying what feels like everything. Hang in there!

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