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Week 3

End of Week 3. My forehead and cheeks feel smoother.  Hyperpigmentation and some bumps can still be seen and felt. In my honest opinion, my face is better than when i started. Even though my pictures seem otherwise. Honestly, The actual is better than the picture, my camera tends to highlight the pigmentation even further. No filter is used in this picture. 

Im getting tired of minding this pimple though haha! Sometimes, i stare at myself infront of the mirror for long periods of time, noting all the changes. I know that no matter how much i look at it , my face wont magically transform to it once was, a year ago. So best to ignore it, stick with my regimen and let nature takes its course.

Pimples teach me so many things. Like, The simpler the better. I've asked the ones with the best skin, their skin care regimen are the simplest (facewash, mosturizer. Period.) Love your natural skin. Be kind to your skin. Don't put too much chemicals on it. I have picked, used hydrogen peroxide, sulfur, foundation, kojic acid haha! Had i leave my skin in peace, this wouldnt have happen. Well i learned the hard way. 

Educate yourself, what works for others may not work for you. The internet is a great source of information, but not all information will be beneficial. Most are marketing strategies. So best use a product backed up by science, tested with randomized controlled trials. Better yet, consult a board certified dermatologist. Lastly, dont be afraid to go bare face in public. 

The people who accepts you at your worst are the ones worth keeping. Looking at acne on a positive light, acne actually helps you sort these kind of people out ;)



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