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A little update.

Nothing much to report here really. I have had two noticeable spots in the past week or so, weirdly in the same place but on opposite sides in front of my ears. The one in front of my left ear now feels huge under the skin. Other than that pretty good really. I still have the Hyper-pigmentation but I find if I skip a day on the meds then that seems to fade a little, I am hoping that means it will fade pretty quickly when I stop the medication for good.

I have had some muscle and back pain on a night when I sit down but I have been very busy with work and the kids. My lips are still slightly dry but Vaseline is the best for that. I just hope I wont need to keep using it after my course has finished as I am sick of the sight of it!!

For the first time ever I dont panic when I have to see someone without foundation on, so things must be fairly good for now!


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