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Week 1



Hey there,

So I have always been a silent reader on this forum but today I have decided to create my own review to mark the start of my journey. 

A little background about my skin:

I am turning 20 soon and my skin had been perfect for the past 18 years until this year. I dont wear makeup at all, not even foundation or bb cream, seriously.  I am starting to get cysts on the both cheeks near my nose early this year, like 4 to 5 cysts at one time. They appeared to be large red bumps with small whitehead, which are unusual to me as usually I got small bump with small head only. However, I did not pay much attention as acne wont stay long on my face in the past. They did go away after a month and no scars are left behind. My skin then turns normal again until this summer. I am getting clogged pores and closed comedones on the both cheeks near my nose again and even on my forehead close to the eyebrows. They have made my face so bumpy that everytime when I wash my face i feel disgusted and depressed at the same time. Some even turn red and white head appears. I am so freaked out that I stopped all my skincare for a month to see if it is relevant to them. (Though I did not change my routine at all). The situation is worsened, as more clogged pores can be seen and my face starts to get allergic reaction. Thats when I turned to a derm.

My Routine before acne:
Tap water to wash my face (Morning)
Too Cool For School Egg Soap (Evening)
Body Shop Vitamin C moisturizer cream (Morning and Evening)
Allie SPA50+ PA++++ (Sunscreen) 
No Makeup at all

I have use 3 steps ( Type 2) as my roommate recommend me to try on when I first encountered clogged pores. I have used them for 3 days then I swear I will never ever ever buy any products from CLINIQUE again. 


During the Caveman:
Wash with tap water by cotton pad on morning and evening
Did not apply anything at all
No Makeup at all

The doc gave me the following:

Prescribed meds and stuff:
Differin Gel 0.3 
Hydroderma Cream 
Cetaphil ( He suggested me to use this as cleanser)

He has also given me Tetralysal but I did not take it as I have heard that the side effects are pretty serious. 

I have started a week now on the meds, the routine is:
Tap water to wash face in the morning
Apply Hydroderma Cream on allergic red spot
Use Cetaphil at night 
Apply Hydroderma Cream on allergic red spot
Apply differin on clogged pores, comedones, etc
Still no makeup at all

My lifestyle:
In terms of eating, I am eating light. Less meat and oily food. More starch and greens and I sleep before 1am every night. Earliest I can living in a dorm as a college student. I dont do sports but my campus is pretty big so I walk to class everyday which add up to 30 minutes of fast-paced walking. (I know its not enough but its better than nothing, as long as I am considerably slim.)

The allergic red spots faded a lot after 3 days of hydroderma cream. Good sign, I will keep using.
Cetaphil does not irritate my skin at all. Good sign, I will keep using.
Differin, however, is interesting. My skin did not turn as dry as some of you has mentioned but did dry up a lil bit. On the 4th day, some of my comedones with sebum head showing out fell off when I was washing my face. The skin over the comedones flaked off along with the hard sebum sticking onto it. Good sign, I guess? Not much effect on inflamed whitehead.

I would like to update my post to share with you guys as I feel like I cant do this alone. I am diagnosed with trivial depression last year. ( not because of acne) I have a several times of mental breakdown when my skin turned bad. I cried my eyes out and took picture of my face everyday to check if more comes up the day after. I have started to avoid people and stuff, only focusing on academics. Yes, it turns out that my GPA is high but I feel empty inside. Sharing gives me courage and strenth as I know that there are people like me fighting acne together, that I am not alone. :)

Thank you if you read it all. Wish us all get clear skin in the near future!


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