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Minocycline - Week 4

Mr Pants


Week 4
Switching minocycline dosing to once a day (100mg) dosing at night.
Still taking alongside vitamin C (250mg) to prevent discolouration of gums and any scar tissue.
This will help to avoid calcium and vitamin A a little bit more.
Taking a probiotic (100 billion) along with yogurt with lunch.

Reflux was noted intermittently, nothing too serious.
Skin around my nose has changed back to normal.
Faint tinnitus seems to be present intermittently at night.

This is my final week of minocycline, I can say that for me it wasn't very effective.
I always had concerns with it being an anti-biotic and in turn resistance would eventually take over.
Personally, I am glad to be moving on to Roaccutane - not for a few weeks yet.


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