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Two months on differin



Two months on vegan diet,doxcycline,differin ......
Differin break me out along throughout the healing process.It boost up the healing process but it also break up new .Never stop break out along two months.A few days ago,it break out a cluster of pimples on left cheek.Close comedon break out left cheek and chin.Right cheek still have a lot close comedons.They became more bumpy on the mid of september.It then flatten down after that.Not sure what happen.I bought something new -Caudalie grape water spray.It really good,it didn't irritate my face.I felt comfort with it.Blackhead became more and more.I success to pop out some blackhead .I will share it later.I pop out one close comedon today coz it became inflammatory acne.It had bother me for long time.As I said ,I recently just finished my tea tree blemish gel so I put on bp.It still burn my skin however I found that it left less reddish on my skin right now.Close comedons become soft and flatten now.Today I tried to pop other close comedon but not so easy.They actually can be pop out but you must press really hard.This will hurt your skin and left reddish and hyperpigmentation .I planned to buy a blackhead clip to try to pop out the dirty stuff.Blackhead can only be pressed when it a bit bumpy.The blackdot shoud be a bit inside .Then,you can pop it.Not sure why,blackhead increase in amount especially on right cheek,forehead and now it is around my nose.........I am a bit frighten .I guess I might bring forward my appointment with derm this month.I will ask her about the solution.I'm still thinking about should I buy blackhead clip?I pretty scared that those close comedons will change to blackhead.There are a lot blackhead which are flat on my face.Really want to remove them.Who wants to have a lot of black dot on their face?....Ugh... 


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