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Month 2 - Bit Dissapointed!

So yesterday I had my dermatology appointment for month 2! I was so excited to get there and get my dose upped as I have had no side effects whatsoever! My dermatologist told me the way to show it is doing its job is to see how much dryness you get in your lips and skin, and as I was getting nothing I was sooo ready to get my dose increased. 

When I got there I forgot I had to do a urine sample for a pregnancy test and had just gone to the toilet like 5 minutes before my appointment so I couldn't get a DROP out!! I had to wait 20 minutes and down a litre of water in order to get some sort of movement haha! 

She said that she can't see many active spots on my face right now which is true i only have about 2 tiny ones but i expressed my concern over no dryness. I was SURE she was going to up my dose to 40mg but she has only bumped me up to 30mg. I am really disappointed as I feel like 30mg isn't going to do much either if I have felt NOTHING on 20!

Once again I can't really complain because my skin is under control which is great but I just want to reep the benefits of roaccutane now that I am on it! 

I would love to hear from people on 30mg and how they are getting along on this dose. Also people that were on 20 and are now on 30!!

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The fact that you are getting very few or even no side effects is great news! Your situation is reversed to mine, I was hoping the doctor would start me off low (20mg) and work my way up but he's popped me right on 40mg straight out of the gate. I don't start for another two weeks but sure wouldn't mind having no side effects! ;D

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