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Day 1



A little bit about myself- I am 26 years old and have acne since I was 13. I have struggled all my life trying to get clear skin and hitting my mid 20s really has made me frustrated that I have not found a solution yet. I went on birth control when I was 16 and just recently went off of it in September (2 months ago). I have tried many different birth control pills with no success in treating my acne. Actually, I think it caused me all sorts of health problems being on the pill. But I'm not going to get into that now. I have always had cystic hormonal acne. For the most part on my chin and jaw lines. I constantly have smaller zits around my face. I think I have overactive sebum... I have tried almost every since acne solution (except accutane) with no good results or at least results that lasted. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on acne and to be quite honest I am sick of it. Nothing seems to work. A super health restrictive diet seemed to be helpful but never cleared me up in the end and it made me stressed out to not eat anything. But I still eat very very healthy as my skin is very sensitive. Acne has really effected my self esteem my whole life and it occupies about 90% of my thoughts. It's impossible not to obsess when it's your face!!! I find myself never wanting to leave the house when I have a super bad breakout. I always ALWAYS wear make up out of the house. I don't want to look people in the eyes sometimes because I think my acne is disgusting and makes me so ugly. I am starting to see a therapist about this so hopefully that will help restore my self confidence. But honestly, I don't think I'll ever truly think I am beautiful until I have clear skin. 

 I am going to document my journey with spironolactone because others blog posts have really helped me make the decision that I am going to try this. 

I went off the pill 2 months ago (Lo loestren FE) which never did my skin any favors. I constantly had cysts. Despite following a holistic regiment to go off the pill and normalize my hormones and use natural face products- aloe Vera gel, tea tee oil, clay masks, apple cider vinegar etc, my acne still persisted.  Ever since I went off my face has slowly gotten worse and worse. I got my hormones checked and I have a slightly high testosterone level-- and diagnosed with PCOS. I am hoping my period continues to be regular since I got my period last month in a timely manner. We will see this month!! For how bad my skin has been, I better be getting it! Currently, I have cysts all over my chin and jaw and cheeks. I have lots and lots of teeny surface zits on my cheeks and some on my temples and forehead. These seem to be impossible to get rid of except when they slowly turn into a cyst and live their stupid cyst life and slowly go away. 

My new dermatologist has prescribed me 100 mg of spironolactone 1x a day. Today is day 1. I have decided to take it at night. Not sure if this will be best yet depending on my side effects of I get them. 

Here are photos.... 




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