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Month 7 and half ? Of accutane



I am on my 7 month towards the middle of the 7th month I Beilve, I had a terrible experience at the blood test... last month. The lady who toke my blood hit a nerve in my arm and it was instant pain and I could feel that she did something wrong. For the next week and still even now weeks later I feel the right pain in my arm. The first week I had to wear I sling the pain was so bad. But back to my skin, it broke out more then it has in a while last week I was alittle shocked, and then on Friday night I felt a cystic pimple forming on my cheek and of course when I woke up Saturday it was nice as big. I did lots of hot Compress and it seemed to have done wonders, in  very short time. I have an urge to pop every pimple I feel but with accutane my skin takes so long to heal the red marks from popping take so long to go away and I found waiting it out I really worth it despite my urge to squeeze it. I thought  was done with the cystic acne so I'm very surprised I see this but who knows! Keep on pushing if u just started, it will work 


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