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Week 2 with Mononessa and Day 2 with Panoxyl



So I just finished my second week of Mononessa. I'd say that my chin and cheeks feel better - much less bumpy, but they do not look better at all. They are all covered with red marks. I mean really, really red in a well-lit room. Thank goodness my room never gets any direct sunlight, otherwise I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror during the day anymore. My face still looks depressing though, I guess partly because some of those cysts had just started to subside. 

I added benzoyl peroxide to my arsenal. Last Tuesday I accidentally clicked on the review section on the homepage. I saw those amazing transformations as the result of using benzoyl peroxide. I spent hours doing research online (which I am good at, since I am a chemistry student getting ready for grad school), and all the information I learned online made chemical sense to me. I even drew the reaction mechanism down to rationalize the effects that the regimen rendered. It all makes sense. I ordered the BP treatment but it has not arrived yet, which killed me a little. I wanted to start so badly, knowing that the sooner I start the sooner I can probably get clear skin. After doing more research, I decided to use PanOxyl 4% face wash as a buffer, now that I cannot start the regimen yet. 

I bought PanOxyl 4 yesterday. Used it for the first time last night. I was really scared after I washed it off of my face, because so many people online complained about the excessive drying effect caused by BP. However, my face did not get burned. It was a bit dry, but I put on a moisturizing mask and everything was alright. I just used it to wash my face again. Accordingly to most people who gave positive comments about the product, it took about two weeks for them to see the change. I will continue to use BP along with Mononessa. I think I will hold onto the treatment for two weeks and just use the face wash and see how it goes. If the face wash alone can help me, I will stick to it. If this does not work well for me, I will start the regimen immediately. I am just glad that so many people have tried BP and given so many positive reviews - this really boosted my hope. 

I have very light skin tone - even for an Asian girl. The downside is that any blemish on my face would look extremely obvious. However, thinking about the bright side, I know that my skin will look gorgeous once my horrible hormonal acne clears up. A month ago I thought that I would never be able to have beautiful skin again this life. However, right now I do believe that if start killing the bacteria under my skin and controlling my hormones, there is still a chance for me to feel beautiful again. 

Anyway, I will keep trying. Will certainly keep updating my blog. If you are reading this and with acne, here's a virtual hug for you. Let's fight together. 

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Update: this is my fourth day. My face dried up so badly last night that it hurt and turned red. I slathered my face with lotion after using a deep moisturizing mask. This morning the first thing I did after I woke was to touch my face. It felt so smooth. My cheeks... they felt so smooth. It's been a long time since my face felt that way. I met a friend this morning and she said, wow, your face looks so much better. I know that I still have red marks all over my cheeks, but those terrible bumps went almost completely away. I was out all day running from class to class, but my face did not get oily AT ALL. Benzoyl peroxide really is super drying. I remember two weeks ago I still had to run to the bathroom every two hours to dab away the oil on my forehead with tissues and feel awful about my disgusting skin. 
I'm feeling really positive right now. The regimen product should arrive tomorrow. I will start as soon as it gets here. I probably will discontinue the facewash though, since it might be too much to use two products that contain benzoyl peroxide... we'll see. 

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