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Scab and reddish mostly gone ....Unfortunately,I picked my face again yesterday.My forehead,my chin and my nose now are all red...I used to put tea tree blemish gel to replace bp however I finished it few days ago...I just put it and it burn my skin like helll....and made my skin red...zzzPic after I put on bp....Those close comedon become more bumpy last week .However,they start to go down again this week.They are now more visible.Im really afraid.I still working out to pick those blackhead on my face.If not,they could probably became a big balck spot.Ai.....after picking,it became reddish and scab again.Those close comedon still my biggest worry....

right cheek....u can see there is still a lot of hyperpigmentation
It mostly take a week to heal,but there will still left some light light hyperpigmentation which take a long time to heal....image.jpeg

Left cheek,bp burn my skin a lot,now it is painful and reddish


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Hi, what BP product do you use?

Update: I just saw another one of your entries. Looks like Benzac AC. Anyway, I hope this works out for you.

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Yes,my derm prescribed me Benzac Ac 5%,I think it do work excellent however it will burn my skin a lot and left some scab and reddish that take long time to heal.Thank you for your comment.It courages me to keep on my journey. 

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