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Crappy diet... crappy skin



My diet has been all over the place and it shows on my skin. It's probably the worst my skin has been in a while. My poor body is sick of all the back and forth with diet. When I am eating clean it shows up on my skin in the best way possible. Too much sugar and grains and crappy oils and it goes downhill pretty fast. I really need to get a grip on being more consistent rather than all or nothing. 

I'm hoping to adopt a less restrictive approach to paleo based eating so that I can keep up with it better (rather than giving up and then going back to it). 

I am still doing retin a micro .1% but only  once a week since it is summer (retin a makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so even though I wear sunscreen and hats I still get accidental exposure now and then so I don't want my skin to be too tender). I'll try to do twice a week once fall / winter sets in. 

My plan for now is to base as much of my diet as possible on fruits and veggies, lean fish and meats, chia seeds, eggs, sweet potatoes, and some grains here and there (preferably sprouted and organic). I want to eat healthy and feed my skin the right nutrients but in a way that is possible for a lifetime.... not something that is so strict that I can only do it for a month until I quit and binge on snickers  >_<>_<:smileys_n_people_20:

Anyways, I've obviously re-thinking a lot in terms of my diet and how I plan to continue and I feel like I'm really figuring out the direction I need to go. I am going to start changing some things up and documenting the changes and progress in my skin (and how I feel as well). Hopefully I will be able to inspire others to get healthy and also improve the health of their skin. 

Hopefully soon I'll have a new video update but for now this is the most recent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMFwuPbrEb4


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