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Dianette - Gernetic - Clindamicin



after returning from 18 months of traveling, my skin took a beating. acne progressively started to get worse while i was away. but it was barable as i spent little time looking in mirrors and was outside in the sun which helped keep it at bay.
ive always battled with acne from the age of 13, to which i was put on dianette for 7 years ( all this time having perfectly clear skin, forgetting that i ever even had it) to stopping taking contraceptive all together at 21 years old.
switching to topical antibiotic solutions, and tablets so it never really allowed it to become too out of hand.

today im 27, and i havnt been on the contraceptive pill for 6 years, ive recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and have had ovarian cysts removed, 
 6 months ago i started using a specialised product called gernetic, it helped for sure starting with around 30 cysts on chin and neck ( my back still is covered)
to having maybe only 3/4 active cysts on my face..... but i get SUCH bad comodones, and if i get the slight urge to squeeze them, no doubt it will turn into another great big cyst so i had to get my squeezing under control.

when i was younger i would be super embarrassed, not leave the house. but now i try everything to avoid making it wose o make up where possible, drinking 3 liters of water a day i eat especially well. no Milk ( pumped with extra hormones) 

regardless of doing everything you can , it still gets you down. (im a half glas full kinda girl, so i only let it get me down on my own)

ive tried the lot, 3 different pills, topical ,oral antibiotics, new skin care regimes, specialized diets.

so now.. ive given in and im back on Dianette.

so far...
week 1 - no improvement - face, hundreds of comodones forhead neck and chin - about 6 large cysts on upper back.

week 2 - about 16 cysts on neck/ chin - definately looking alot worse, back has improved only have a couple of active cysts.comodone seem to have calmed down slightly, might be due to having the giant cysts drawing attention away from them. im hoping this is just the worse before it gets better stage. and once its cleared i can move onto yasmin and im not keep on the health risks of dianette, but im gonna power thorugh for now. im using clindamicin along side the dianette, as this has helped previously. its not made any change as of yet.


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