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Week 1 with Mononessa



I had been on Mononessa for one year and a half. It cured my severe hormonal acne within a year, and my skin looked flawless for another six months. However, everything changed after I switched my birth control brand at the beginning of the year due to my break-up. The new pharmacy I found did not offer Mononessa, so I had to take Sprintec instead. I did not think twice, because they have the same active ingredients. How foolish I was! Especially for a chemistry student. I started notice minor breakouts on my cheeks within a few weeks. I went to the doctor, and she said that I should stick to Sprintec a bit longer to let my body adjust. I did. Four months later I could not leave the house without makeup on. Six months later I realized that there definitely was something wrong with the birth control. Mononessa never made me break out.
I went to the doctor a week ago and asked her to write a prescription requesting exclusively Mononessa. I had to switch to another pharmacy. I quit coffee, diary products, smoking, drinking, even staying up late. I am now living an extremely healthy life. I've developed a simple skincare routine. I'm not using any topical treatment because I'm scared about getting more pimples from those hard chemicals. I do use 15% tea tree oil to disinfect every night before I go to bed though. 
I try so hard to fake confidence during the day. College is hard. It's especially hard because I'm a senior. I'm applying for grad school. I'm under a tremendous amount of stress. I have to talk to a lot of people everyday, mostly people within my department. I co-teach two chemistry labs with a chemistry professor, and I also have my own senior research going on. Sometimes I get so busy that I forget how bad my skin is. However, when I get back to my apartment, get ready to wash the sunscreen off of my face, I start to panic. I hate seeing the red bumps all over my cheeks and chin and along my jaw line. 
I tell myself everyday that I am beautiful despite my physical flaws, that those flaws will go away, that I need to be patient and let the pill work its magic. But it's so hard. I have no one to talk to. All my friends have perfect skins. 

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