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Vegan diet



I accidentally saw about Nina and Rinda 's stories while I was doing my research.They talked about vegan.I saw a lot of them recovered through it.Im decided to do the same.I eat vegan diet without oil everyday .I surprisely found that it help to improve my oily face.Now im on vegan diet for one month and a half.I cook vegetable soup and vegetable everyday.I eat one to two bowl of rice each meal.Before I started vegan diet,Im was rarely consume meat or dairy product.I drink oat milik,soyabean or honey.I drink flower tea mostly.I drink a 1.2L lemon water daily.I used to drink only two to three cups water a day on the pass.The only thing I never change is my sleeping habit.I sleep at midnight and wake up at afternoon.I tried to change but ...sgh  ...I got imsomnia few months ago .NOW IT MUCH BETTER....


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