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Doxcycline not helping much



I didn't get any bad effect that said by doctor.Differin help a lot.It weird ,it didn't burn me .I guessed the acne cream I used before do contain some ingredient like differin.It burned me more than differin.I finished differin 15g and half of 30g tube within a month.Doctor said it was too much .Press a pea size and apply all over the face .Im like hehehe.....
They never stop actually.It pop out few everyweek.My face is nearly flat except right cheek got lot close comedons.It appear after bath or after apply lotion.Urgh........Right cheek like sandpaper hahaha....The good news is I found that differin help to unclog my pore slowly that I can pick them out.They transform into a black dot like blackhead.After apply somedays,it will come out when I pick it.Sad case is it would left hyperpigmentation for while(it takes one to two weeks)So that why my face always reddish.Anyway,no inflammatory acne on my face right now except some small pimples that pop out and disappear within few days.


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