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June 2016



I had type a long detail but it disappeared when I refresh the page.AWWWWWW.............I m lazy right now.Ok I met another new dermatologist.He looked at my face and told me it was acne not allergic.He prescribed.me some antibiotics,face cleanser,sunscreen and acne cream to be applied at night.It broke my face like hell within a few days.I was on vacation that time,you can imagine how people stare at me.My skin was dry ,painful and itchy like hell.It became worst while I was at outdoor.The sun burnt my skin so much.Luckily,the sunscreen product did help me a lot.My acne disappear within two weeks ,just left some hyperpigmentation.I visited him for second time.He said im getting much better so he said he will give another that help me to heal faster.He saw that my lips was pale and dry.After that,i went to take my medicine at dispensary,the nurse gave me a toothpaste.My mom and I were totally speechless.My skin was still remain clear until the first week of july.My aunt went back and she said Im getting better.


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