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May 2016



They pop out like hell.Never been these serious.It kill my self esteem a lot.I started to refuse to hang out with my friends and family.My daily activity was stay at room.I HATE OTHERS KEEP STARING AT MY FACE.Anyway,I went out to the nearest clinic to meet doctor.She prescribed me some antibiotics and cream.Simply that only happen at my right cheek so she thought it was allergic.My left cheek was still perfect.Two weeks later,it still left two like that.My mom scared that it might be some problem to my blood.Coz,her friend 's relative also in that case.He got skin disease like acne grew on his body.They realised that after doing blood checking.Ok ,here I met my first dermatologist at a private hospital.He is friendly.He thought it might be allergic too simply only my right cheek got affected so he prescribed me some diaprosone ointment like that.It heal 80% afterthat.




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