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Acne Journey

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My Background



Here a little bit about my background before I start my story.I am 18 years old.I had never had acne for the past 18 years.Ok ,it might be one or two a year like that only.My friends always say that I own a fair and clear skin .Never worry about my skin until May 2016.It was a nightmare. I graduated at 2015,I suppose to go into university but I didn't because I want to have a clear skin while going into a new phase in my life.Ok,let me talk briefly about what happened.I had lot of free time after graduate.During that time,my friends were talking about korean products.We were so fancy about it during that time.So ,I decided to change my face cleanser .Before that ,I had used a face cleanser for two to three years.It is a japan brand.I used to wash my face once per months.Example,I only washed when I remember.Never headache about my skincare routine.I washed everyday with water only.The weird thing was,I never felt dirty .Then ,I changed my rountine when I was on the year end of 2014-2016 ,I washed once a day.Ok ,go back to my nightmare.I started to use my new cleanser on March 2016.It broke me out one or two like that but I ignored them.I thought it was like usual.I washed my face up to three to five times a day coz my face felt oily.My skin had never been that.My skin is dry skin.I ignored the signal .I just thought that it will be fine .The oil will gone after  I washed my face.Two months,it broke out little or tiny one to three acnes on my face;yet it still didn't affect me lot.I still attend my school reward ceremony with clear skin but like one acne on my forehead.Actually, I never broke out on my forehead.It only broke out around my mouth before that.


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