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Week 3- to 5 - Supplements




Been kind of busy (and lazy) for the past 3 weeks. very late update, but very happy to say that from that horrible breakout all over my face, all I'm left now is scarring! (not sure if I really should be so happy abt that. haha) I'm still having pimple/acne here and there, and they are hormonal ones (along my jaw, sides of my face or chin). they are pretty much normal to me though. As of now, i have like 2-3 active acne in my chin and jaw, then 1 near my lips (sucks!)

During Week 3, i have introduced new supplement to my regimen. I started taking 50mg of Zinc Gluconate every night. Zinc is anti inflammatory and also know to fasten the healing phase. Best form of Zinc to take in terms of absorption is zinc picolinate, but I just saw gluconate, so i took it. It was working wonders as well anyhow! it made my active zits to swell less and healing phase was faster as well. It comes to head faster and after popping, it heals faster than usual.

During Week 4, i have tweaked my regimen a little. i don't use the topical erythromycin and  ketoconazole cream anymore. I ran out of them and decided to not repurchase. I also changed my toner and did not repurchase the fade out solution. i am noticing that those are making my skin really thin. My face really hurts during the facial-anti acne sessions in derma. I also added new topical cream now, which is working wonders! :D to put details on it, this is my current regimen: 
 old regimen --> http://www.acne.org/messageboard/blogs/entry/31876-week-1-worst-breakout-ever-start-of-dermatologist-prescribed-regimen-all-topical/
1-Wash my face with Lactacyd Baby wash in Blue
2-Tone with Nivea Whitening toner (I find this very gentle, and not thinning the skin)
3-Apply Clindamycin solution
5-A layer of concealer/foundation to color correct my skin

1-Wash my face with Lactacyd Baby wash in Blue --> i use spin brush EVERY OTHER NIGHT ONLY now. 
2-Use same Nivea toner
3-Apply Clindamycin Solution
4-Apply derma prescribled moisturizer 
5-apply my new HOLY GRAIL product! Katialis  --> more info below. but basically, this has sulfur as main ingredient.

So, up to this week (Week 5) i have been using katialis religously every night. this is just a spot treatment. it has the ff ingredients:

1-precipitated Sulfur
2-Zinc Oxide
4-Salicylic Acid

Try to google to know more abt the ingredients listed above. They are all good for acne prone skin (though zinc oxide MAY clog pores) As for my experience, it dries out the spot faster and thus help to get the puss and heal faster. IT IS VERY DRYING though. so just use it as spot treatment. It will also help to lessen the scarring as it makes the skin turn over faster. As of now, I'm really happy on how my skin has recovered. its been flaky but i can work on that. I am also trying to fix my diet and eating more healthy food. I am avoiding dairy and gluten which seems to help as well.  Hope this update helps! Thanks!


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