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Week 4



Hey guys so I've done one month of accutane now and I went back and got my dosage upped. So I started at 20mg twice a day for a month, now I'm at 30mg twice a day for a month and next month I will be going up in dosage again. Things have stayed the same as far as chapped lips, peeling face, etc. I've noticed that the drug is now attacking my back also so I have been breaking out on my shoulders and back but that's always the first step. I was looking at my face closely the other day and noticed that all of the blackheads that used to be in my chin and all around my mouth are completely gone. The millions of black heads on my nose have dried out so I just have to squeeze my nose and they come right out. No more dandruff. My doctor actually told me that I've had the least side effects of anyone he's ever seen. He said most have chapping of the anus and their lips look way worse, etc. but I guess I have super mild symptoms. I've included an updated picture of me and a picture of my Chapstick, I can't tell you how good this stuff works. You can get it at target! I'll update you guys again next week!




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