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I had acne when i was 16 and was prescribed clindamycin and an enzyme powder cleanser. They cleared my face in a month. Back then I thought I never I'd have to worry about acne anymore. But then few months ago they started coming back rapidly and worse than ever. So I started to figure out what was causing it since I ate relatively healthy and worked almost everyday. And now I think what the cause was. It was because I was trying keep oil off my face by frequently washing face which was going on for a long time. So I did some research to find a way to heal my skin and take it back to it's natural healthy state. Then I came across the caveman regimen what it means is that you have to keep water and other products off your face for a certain amount of time. Which first thought was crazy, but it started to make sense. So I decided to try but I would wash my face with only water once or twice a day or not even once day. And now it's my third day. My skin looks really oily. To the point where it's so extreme that it looks like somebody slathered a nice and big chicago deep dish on my face.but there are no breakouts yet. But there seems to be few whiteheads coming up but it looks nothing like an iflamed pimple. It looks like if i scratch them they would fall right off. So it's no big deal. My skin texture has changed too. It looks bit more rougher than befor. Mostly because I used to exfoliate the living hell out of face. Also the alredy existing pimple i had before I started this, are drying up and looks like they are going to be
 gone in a few days. 


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