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Roaccutane Day 33 (50mg)



Yo guys! 

So it's just over a month on Accutane and I'm now on 50mg :) 

side effects: So my itchy scalp has completely gone away. My hair hasn't thinned at all, i think i was just being paranoid in the beginning. 

Mood wise I am still acting rather impulsively and pretty energetic/hyper. I have not experienced low mood or decreased energy at all.. I havent cried in a couple weeks actually.

Dry skin on arms, its eased with moisturising. My lips are dry as hell and bleed often. 

Joint pain wise, my lower back and left knee experienced a bit of tenderness when walking but has since gone. 

acne update: One large spot appeared on my left shoulder which is healing and I have one other tiny one there and thats it. Right shoulder has onlu ONE spot :D

My facial skin is definitely clearing up.. my chin looks great with only 4 tiny spots at the sides of my mouth. Pores are a bit smaller on cheeks, I would say 20% of all the closed comedones I had on the outside of my cheeks have gone!! My forhead has a few spots on each side, only small ones though.

My jaw area is still the worst with many bumps and a couple larger spots.

I will get pics up soon :*


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