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Products That Actually Work on Accutane




My Accutane journey so far has been a positive one due to the great products I've been using. Except for my poor dried out little eyes, no drop I could find would work… When you first get on Accutane, get yourself in a routine – wash & moisturize your face and lotion up every morning & evening. I seriously didn’t suffer the dry flakey-ness like most people on Accutane. I watched all You-Tube videos and the common thing was they wished they started moisturizing before the dryness came. DO IT!!

I started out just using what my dermatologist recommended which was Cetaphil but not long after the dryness creeped in, that I knew I had to find a better product that didn't leave my face with that tight dry feeling.

YouTube to save the day!

Absolutely recommend without any hesitation:

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser & Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

Seriously a little bit goes a long way. Super moisturizing!  Calms redness and irritation, no harsh chemicals or colorants. Safe for sensitive skin. In the 6 months I have been on Accutane, I’m on my 2nd tube of the face wash and still on first bottle of the moisturizer.

A little spendy at $20.00 for 5 oz. for the face wash and $24.00 for the moisturizer but has saved my life while on Accutane. I do not think I wouldn’t be able to wear powder foundation without it. I don’t remember my face getting dry & flaky like others say they got since I started using it. The face wash lathers up really nice so just a little bit is all you need, literally just a pea sized amount. I go through more because I wash my twice at night to get all the make-up off. Although now I could use facial wipes since I don’t HAVE ANY BREAKOUTS!!


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

This lip stuff absolutely without a doubt saved my life! This lip mask is super thick and stays on for hours.  Of course I started out on Aquaphor Lip Repair but I kept having to put it on like every 15 minutes. I did try regular ol’ Chap Stick and Carmex, was like putting water on! Instantly had to reapply. A co-worker of mine said she just used Chap Stick and had to brush her lips with her toothbrush cause her lips peeled all the time! Ugh! No way!

I spent $26 for the Aqave Lip Mask at Sephora and 6 months later still using the same tube, there’s about 1/3 of the tube left! Super awesome stuff! Go get some now!


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash - Aveeno Skin Relief Overnight Cream & Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream

I went the fragrance free/soap free route and these are wonderful! I last about 2 days in the dryness before I went out & bought new lotion. I did try First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (Sephora = free samples) and it was pretty awesome but spendy. Since I went out splurged on face wash & lip stuff – I just used what I could find at Walmart. Aveeno Overnight Cream is super intense lotion and will stay on after washing your hands, which for me being a slight germ-a-phobe is a god-send. i bought both lotions and they both work great! One at work - one at home!



Every evening before I go to bed I have to put some in my nose or my night will suck.

Hope this helps!


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