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Intro and Day 1



If you want my back story. ..see the blog "accutane on dark skin."

It's now three years later and the acme has come back, it started slowly and increased till its now been consistently bad for 2 months. The trigger I believe was a big exam I had studied one year for, and a job interview,  and possible interstate move which required me to give away my dog...All all the same time.

The all time I have is different from the past. It's almost exclusively on the lower half of my face...jaw, lower cheeks, near the sideburns, chin, top of the neck. It's all time combo of whiteheads and cysts, which I usually pick at. I don't have huge scars but lots of little box and ice picks, plus hyperpigmentation everywhere.  I can't go to work or to see friends without makeup. 

I had my hormones checked and they are fine so it's not hormonal acne. I'm not on BC and refuse to take it. I have not used antibiotics or differin for years. 

Today I took my first pill. Nothing happened yet.


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