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Week 2 - Same regimen + Prescribed Med (not Antibiotic!)



For my current regimen --> http://www.acne.org/messageboard/blogs/entry/31876-week-1-worst-breakout-ever-start-of-dermatologist-prescribed-regimen-all-topical/

Hi All!

So it has been 2 weeks since i started the topical skin care regimen that the dermatologist recommended, so far so good. I was still having some huge break out especially on my chin! But it calms down and comes to head after a day or 2. it was mostly because of lack of sleep and bad eating habits. Recently, i slip off of my usual non dairy diet. i got so stressed out because of acne and you know, i eat the stress out. haha. Also, before, I always consume lots of greens in the morning. now, i got kind of lazy. But i'm planning to come back to that as I know that it will help my skin. As of now, I can say that I'm 50% clearer than Day1. not so much of a leap from last week, but it was ok, the breakouts are not as crazy. as of now, i just have like 5 or so active ones. its mostly on my chin -.- 

During my last derma session, she prescribed me a pill. She said it will help control my breakout (despite the bad eating habits and lack of sleep). It was a Glutathione pill (500mg). yes! the one that can make your skin whiter and fairer! (err, many girls/guys on my country loves to get whiter skin). I was kind of hesitant to get it at first, but i bought it, since their products are pretty good. Before swallowing the first pill, i did my research (googling :P ) As many of us know, its an anti oxidant. its actually considered as the "master anti-oxidant". i can't explain everything, u can check here instead -->  http://supernaturalacnetreatment.com/glutathione-an-important-acne-antioxidant/ Bottomline, it is good for acne prone skin. So i gave it a try.  Recommendation to me was to take it once a day. I did, and man! it made me so gassy! hahahha. but to be honest, I'm still not sure if its really helping to control my breakout. I do see improvements, i just cant conclude yet if its because of the gluta or just my skin regimen working, or maybe both. I will still continue with it, I actually read/watched some testimonies about glutathione helping with acne and plus, adding some dose of anti oxidant won't hurt!

My face is pretty clear now in terms of active breakout, but its still reddish due to scarring. Also, underneath bumps are mostly gone now, I'm just having it along my jaw and chin (again). Biggest success as of now is my forehed! haha. its like 90% clear now, no scarring there as well :D  I will continue to update here for progress. thanks, and hope this helps! 


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