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My skin history & 1 week update on new BC and spiro



First things first, let me give you the 411 about my face. I suffer from very combo skin. I am dry, oily, and acne prone- moderate to severe acne. The oil is in my t-zone, dryness comes and goes. My acne is on my chin, cheeks, and wherever else it decides to be when it wants. Basically suffered with acne since puberty (age 14/15) As I got (and still get) older it has worsened. I used to think it was bad, but now I wish I could go back to the days where it was better than currently is. Once I was put on BC at age 16 my skin changed a lot. I guess all the hormones in the BC pills just caused my acne to rally flare up. Here I am now 22 and still struggle with being a pizza face. (YAY) I am very self-conscious about my skin. I do not leave the house without makeup and very few people have seen me without it. Luckily, My boyfriend of 5 yrs accepts me, and always tells me I am still beautiful in my bare skin. (THANK GOD) I wash my face 2x a day- morning and night. I remove makeup with the Ganier Micellar Water then  I use the Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser. 1 week ago (8-10-16) I started using their new Yes to Miracle oil in Primrose day/night. It is for sensitive skin and is supposed to calm and sooth redness. I also started new BC (Monessa- sub for ortho-cyclen) and was put on Spironolactone 50 mg 2x daily. I also take 1 pill of the following 1x daily: Vitamin E capsule, Zinc, and Omega 3 Fish Oil. Like I said it is 1 week since starting spiro. I believe that I am/still am experiencing the "initial breakout " you hear of when taking spiro. It is making me pee frequently as it is a diuretic, but my doctor said it should subside. An old associate told me about spiro, and her skin looks amazing after taking it for 1 year. So here I am, on this journey to better skin. I have tried so many OTC and prescribed meds, and nothing ever works. I really hope the spiro does amazing things for me. I just want to be able to be comfortable in my own skin and not have to wear makeup all the time. Stay tuned- I will continue to blog about my acne story. Feel free to comment and share! (:



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Currently using Spiro (I'm on Mononessa also but this was not prescribed to help my acne) too, I have been on it for about 10 weeks now and honestly have not seen much improvement in my skin yet. I am still very confident this will be my acne cure, anyway good luck with the Spiro (I have only a positive experience with it so far) and I hope we can both finally get clear skin! :) 

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