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Day 29 through 35 - Week 5



Day 29

  • When I woke up my skin looked better than the night before (I had a major whitehead breakout on my chin on day 28)
  • I still had a few whiteheads on my chin but resisted popping
  • My skin was super dry and flaky this day. Not sure why. I applied a little extra moisturizer today.

Day 30
  • Ill take a photo of my skin tomorrow morning and eventually post to show my before and after (1 month progress)
  • My skin is showing steady improvement everywhere except my chin. idk whats going on there but theres just whiteheads there every night that i have to put hydrocolloid bandaids on. They are drained when i wake up in the morning, but by the evening there are always more,
  • i MIGHT have forgotten to take my doxycycline today. Right before i went to bed i honestly couldnt remember if I had taken it that day

Day 31
  • Same as yesterday. 
  • forehead and cheeks improving
  • chin looks a mess. lots of whiteheads that im trying to manage.

Day 32
  • Forhead is arguably completely clear (little to no acne marks!!)
  • Cheeks completely clear besides plenty of old marks
  • Chin....eh... better than day 31 but still struggling. Lots of redness and a few whiteheads that wont stay away
  • Ended up taking a picture of my skin. I will post soon (next week?)

Day 33
  • No new whiteheads today! Yay!
  • Tons of new hyper pigmentation on my chin from this breakout :(

Day 34-35 coming soon

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Any updates? I'm having the same problem with my chin! Last 3 days had a great run wth no new white heads and this morning works up with 4!!!! My forehead is slowly getting better and my cheeks are now clear I'm day 25 

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