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Accutane Week 15: Update!



15 weeks on Accutane. Wowsers. Still remember the drama/fear of taking my first pill (and so does my poor fiance lol!)

  • Acne Update - CLEAR. Since last week, no new breakouts and am clear. Don't want to jinx it but hoping it'll stay! Sking is very red though and dry around the chin area where I had a breakout last week.
  • Dryness - Sudacrem was not a good idea! Didn't help at all. Sticking to normal hand creams and praying for the best.
  • Lips - Cracked corners and peely lips galore. Not drinking enough water anymore need to get back on it!
  • Toilet Problem - After being fine for almost a month - problem is BACK :@ BOO!!!!!!
  • Aches and Pains - No complaints.
  • Tiredness - Immense exhaustion. No amount of sleep is enough. No energy to proactively do things. Struggle to get out of bed in mornings. (Could also be that time of the month though ;))

Been trying to eat healthy for my cholestrol as need to go for my bloods next week. Have cut back on dairy, fried foods and other high saturated fatty foods - Basically all the good stuff. Having fruits and nuts in between meals. Hopefully it helps! 

In summary - happy with my skin but soooooooo sick of the nasty side effects that come with Accutane. I can firmly say it definitely does what it is supposed to, but it comes with other issues. I personally have struggled with those issues - because I didn't quite expect them to this extent. Being on these pills for so long really can make you feel down and many may argue it is 'self-inflicted' but at the end of the day like I said in my very first post was that it boils down the individual. Only acne sufferers will know the pain that comes struggling with acne day in day day out. It really does come down to a case of you as an individual weighing out for yourself the pro's and cons of accutane against the current struggle you have with Acne.

At the 15 week mark - I personally am glad I tried Accutane as I know I exhausted all other possible options before I took the plunge. My skin had reached an unbearable peak of Acne which for me made me feel just as bad as I do taking Accutane - except that Accutane is improving my skin so it is worth it. Just hoping it remains a long term solution!!

P.S will try uploading some pics next week to show progress.


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