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Day 26 - Dermatologist Visit (Hydrocolloid!)

Skin Condition

  • My skin texture looks good, i have very  littler redness except for directly around a few pimples:
  • The small cluster of whiteheads on my chin has turned into one smaller, less inflamed whitehead
  • I have one whitehead right at the front of my eyebrow
  • my forehead looks really smooth aside from a few bumps (the # of bumps decreases every day)
  • of course my face is covered in acne marks and some scars
  • This morning
    • I washed my face with my sulfacleanse 
    • I applied some moisturizer
  • I went to the dermatologist
  • I washed my face
  • I applied hydrocolloid bandaids to my emerging whiteheads around 5pm. 
    • Hydrocolloid bandages are often referred to as "advanced healing" bandaids. They come im plenty of shapes and sizes, but i bought small round ones that fit over my pimples. They are skin toned/translucent stickers that adhere to your skin. There is no cotton pad like on traditional bandaids. If you research the bandages, especially for acne treatment, you will find information that says it drains whiteheads and heals acne without leaving a mark. I decided to try this.
  • I took my doxycycline (around 10pm...i almost forgot it!)
  • Before bed
    • I took off the hydrocolloid bandaids
      • By the time i was ready to take the bandaids off, i could tell my pimples had drained. the white pus from my pimples looked like it had been sucked into the bandaid. When i took the bandaid off my pimples looked flat and not very red. I think i will apply the bandaids again tomorrow night and wear them while i sleep!
    • washed my face
    • applied adapalene
    • applied moisturizer
  • Today is my first derm visit since i began my journet 26 days ago (Technically 36 days if you read my blog description)
    • My derm said all is well and saw clear improvement! She said to continue as im doing and told me to research hydrocolloid bandages (which is what i ended up doing and using). I have another appointment but its 3 months away. At that point we will assess my progress and adjust the regimen to get my skin as clear as possible
    • She reminded me to ALWAYS wear sunscreen to help my spots (hyperpigmentation) on my cheeks to heal


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