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It took me a long time to figure this out, even after being told countless times to remove Dairy and a variety of other foods from my diet, but your diet is a HUGE part of Acne Treatment.

I started eating cleaner about 3 months ago, while maintaining the same skincare routine, and my face has cleared significantly,

I started this new diet with my gym where we did a 6 week detox to start a new diet of eating cleaner.
One of the women at my gym has severe acne on her cheeks and within 3 weeks of starting her new diet everyone noticed the impact that it had on her skin.  The inflammation went down significantly and no new breakouts.

Eating clean can mean a variety of things but the easiest way to think about is it is like the Paleo diet.

No, or limited, Gluten, Dairy, sugar and processed foods, along with plenty of water.  What this means is the majority of your food should not be in a package.
Eating clean with organic meats, fruits, vegetables and some nuts, will make a huge difference in your skin.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Not only is it good for your skin but you will also maintain a healthy weight.


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Its my 2 weeks into eating clean . No dairy , oil and even package foods. I try to continue to eat healthy and see how it goes. Thnks anws !

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