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Make Up tips



These are some tips i have gathered over the years (wow! I sounded like an old person, haha). 

I have had acne on and off since I was around 8, i am 23 now. it was a hard work, searching how to get your skin fixed and also, how to cover it up. I did not really wore make up until i was 19, but i always try to search how, just in case i'm going to need it. Listed below are the tips I have learned from youtubers, google search, bloggers, own experience, you name it :P

#1 - you know this, get your skin as under control as possible, make up will always look better in a good canvas.
#2 - before anything else, MOISTURIZE! find a hydrating one as foundation and make up kind of sucks up the moisture out of your skin after few hours, especially those long wearing ones. also, before putting your make up, wait til your moisturizer is set. I usually give it 5-10 min to dry up on my skin. during this time, i drink my morning tea, eat breakfast. be productive! ;) also, moisturizer will act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup.
#3 - check if you have dry patches. after your moisturizer is dry, inspect your skin . remove any flaky skin that is about to fall off. you don't want to put foundation on top of those skin! 
#4 - find a good, if possible, exact color match of foundation and concealer. DO NOT USE LIGHTER COLORED CONCEALER and use it to spot conceal those pimples. lighter color concealer will be more obvious with your natural skin/foundation.
#5 - if you have raised bumps, do not pile up foundation/concealer on it. I know, it's  annoying, but only thing you can do is to color correct your skin with make up. raised bumps will always be there no matter how much make up, unless you will wear your make up as thick as your raised bump :P 
#6 - if your skin is peeling, or tend to develop dry patches thru out the day, skip the powder. Acne treatments usually dries up the skin, so if this the case, skip the powder and set  your make up with setting sprays instead. after setting spray is dry, blot excess oil with tissue paper to remove the shine on your face. Your face will not be totally shine free, but for me, it usually looks like a natural glow. i like the effect of it :)
#7 - if your skin is not dried up, set your face with a fine powder. if this is the case, i usually use a damped beauty blender and really pack my skin with the powder. this will hold the makeup and make it last thru out the day. remember, this is ONLY if your skin does not dry up, it will look cakey and blotchy if your skin is dry. 
#8 - if your skin has no raised bumps, and you are only dealing with  discoloration, you can just use your concealer /foundation in your problem areas and blend blend blend! unless you are really fond of making a full faced make up, i don't have any issue with that. 
#9 -  skip the highlighters. I know, its on trend, but highlighters will make your blemish more noticeable, especially if you have texture issues. but if you don't have those problem in the high points of your face, then use the the highlighters and shine! :P 
#10 - as much as possible, only use makeups in liquid form. these makeups tend to glide smoother in skin than creams and powder formulas.
#11 - use tools in applying make up, make sure they are always clean. i tend to avoid using my finger/hands in applying makeup, for me its just not  giving me the finish i want. especially with cream formulas. 
#12 - as much as possible, choose makeup specified for acne prone skin. these makeups tends to have acne treatments with them, like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, etc, and are not pore clogging. just make sure you are not allergic to them. this will treat and cover your problems, say hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! 
#13 - always use a thin layer of foundation. allow your skin to breathe. sometimes we are really annoyed and tend to pack our skin with alot of foundation. this might look good after application, but usually, this just slides off and settle on problems areas, especially on textured bumps and scars, it will be just another problem within the day :)
#14 - prevent touching your face. obviously. i'm so guilt of this, i have set my computer password as "handsoff" + other characters just so i always remember not to touch my face :P 
#15 - instead of rubbing on products on face, dab it. this will make sure every area is packed with the product and coverage wise, this will make it look smoother. 

those are the tips i can remember as of now, hope this helps :) 



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