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Week 1 - Worst Breakout ever + start of Dermatologist prescribed regimen (all topical)




So, recently I had the worst acne breakout of my life, it started around end of June 2016. I got some allergic reaction to one of the most raved about clay mask, the Indian Healing clay. it was so bad, acne flared out all over my face. Initially, I thought it was the "purging stage", so i continued with it. It actually got rid of 2 acne i had on my cheeks during that time, then i started having little bumps all over my face. i stopped using it for 2 weeks, because i had an overseas business trip, i got rid of the tiny bumps during this period. Then when i came back, i was still hopeful and continued again doing the clay for almost 2 weeks, everyday ( i have read on some blogs that for acne prone skin, you can do it once everyday for 2 weeks, purging will happen but should subside after around that 2 week mark). around after the 1st week, the little bumps on my cheeks became larger, until some developed into acne. before i finished the 2 week mark, i stopped, convinced that i am getting the allergic reaction from the mask. my face was really in a bad situation, it was hard to cover even with make up. i think i got comedogenic acne. those that are closed, and just appears as huge bumps all over. it was so hard going to work or even outside with that kind of skin. I'm not new to acne, i had it since around 8 years old, I'm 23 now. i dealt with hormonal acne, teen acne, huge cystic ones, tiny bumpy ones, but by far, this is the worst. it was a combination of all.  so, that is the summary of what i'm dealing as of now :P 

As best as I could, i try to go to "natural treatments", i have been using natural products since i got rid of my hormonal acne last april 2016. i was actually really clear during those time til this huge breakout. i was eating clean, and preventing harsh chemical based products. but i have to take a break from those, it was that bad, natural products are not working (i've been using ACV as toner, tea tree oil (diluted), etc etc), oil as cleanser (probably why i had comedogenic acne). i have to use aggressive products again, but promised myself that it'll just be for this breakout.

As of now, I am weekly going to dermatologist (which i don't really like :P )  I am getting their anti acne treatment and facial + they have prescribed topical treatments which is actually really helping, but i know their pretty bad for the skin in the long run. this is my routine as of the moment:

1 - wash my face with gentle cleanser ( Lactacyd baby bath in blue, it's non drying, really mild and anti septic, i think i'm going to use this all my life haha. really good in removing make up as well)
2 - use derma prescribed toner - it's pretty mild, kind of drying because of the alcohol content, but not as bad as OTC toners.
3 - Clindamycin treatment from derma - it is an Antibiotic treatment in liquid form. i know, not good in the long run but only aggressive products are working for me as of the moment.
4 - Moisturize - i'm using a really hydrating one from humanheartnature(natural based product ) --> (Night Moisturizer)
5 - put on some make up - i only do 1 thin layer of foundation, just to correct the color of my skin, bumps will be there no matter how much u cover :) so don't bother. if your skin is really dry and peeling, try to skip powders as well, instead use makeup setting spray and blot the excess oil with tissue. 

1 - wash with lactacyd again, this time i use it with a Spin brush to thoroughly remove my make up and dry, flaky skin. DO NOT PRESS HARD THE SPIN BRUSH ON YOUR SKIN! 
2 - use same toner from morning routine
3 - apply derma prescribed "fade out" solution -- this has some whitening contents to lighten scars/help with skin discoloration + glycolic acid  to help fasten  skin turnover and peel.
4 - apply the Clindamycin solution
6 - derma prescribed moisturizer --> this has vitamin C and arbutin, which will help again for fading out scars and discoloration. not really so moisturizing but its OK.
6 - if i have wounds/open acne or some that i just popped, i put erythromycin cream on it (again, antibiotics, not good in the long run) , but if i don't have, or don't feel like putting another antibiotic, i just put  ketoconazole cream (from derma gain) its the same ingredient  you can find in nizoral cream/anti dandruff shampoo. it is for fungal infections if i remember it right, but alot of people swore by how effective it is for acne. search for it :)

Tedious, tedious work! but this is helping , I am doing this for a week now, and i'm  around 40% clearer than when i started. it is that fast, most probably because antibiotics will really kill everything in the surface haha. my face is still kind of bumpy, but i'm pretty happy with the progress i am having. I will continue to post updates here weekly, i hope this helps :)

dermatologist's products -->(link removed)


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