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5-6 weeks in

So i haven't been blogging very often (apologies) as i've been busy and forgetful! I have now done 4 weeks starting on 30mg and my dose has now increased to 40mg and I've done that for around a week or just over i think (losing count) 
My skin was getting better, people were commenting on the improvement, then when i upped my dose i got a small breakout on one of my cheeks which is about 5 whiteheads- they're not huge ones or anything but it's quite sore. Anywho, symptom wise= still nada (pretty much) Dry/ tight lips but nothing extreme. Blistex medicated relief cream is my saviour at the moment, and as long as i apply it whenever it's worn off (around every hour or so) then my lips are fine.
I've had no dryness on my body or face but i have got a religious moisturising skin care routine, which if you are interested in- read on below!

Morning: wash with cetaphil gentle cleansing face wash
                            apply cetaphil spf 50 face cream, wait for that to soak in (around 10mins) then i apply Dermalogica active moist moisturiser with 2 drops of jojoba oil in, leave that to absorb into my skin (again about 10-15 mins) then apply my makeup (will discuss this later on!)

Evening: Remove makeup with Dermalogica pre cleanse, pat dry then use Avene gentle milk cleanser. 
                Then i put on a face masque- either Dermalogica skin hydrating masque (this is amazing stuff- highly recommend) or i apply manuka honey as a face masque- i leave both on for about an hour or as long as i can. Then i moisturise with Avene clean AC moisturiser with 2 drops of jojoba oil mixed in. Oh and i also apply dermalogica eye creams morning and evening. 

So with that skin care routine i haven't yet encountered any dryness- but I'm aware this could change at any point!

There are 3 products i want to review and recommend ...........
BEAUTY BLENDER- can't believe i didn't get one of these before- AMAZING. when my skin is sore from painful spots, even gentle rubbing on my face is very painful, so rubbing in foundation aggravates and causes pain- i also find the rubbing motion can make your skin peel a bit. with the beauty blender you just pat the foundation in, it is SO gentle and gives you a really lovely dewy look. 

JOJOBA OIL- i believe this is a big reason to why i havn't got dry yet. If you read up on it you will see it is really good for hydrating and treating/ preventing acne. 2 drops in your moisturiser morning and night- highly recommend- also gives your foundation that healthy dewy not dry look.

VICHY DERMABLEND FOUNDATION- i literally just got this today, the coverage is excellent, it has 25% more pigment than normal makeup and is designed for covering acne/ scars/birth marks etc. It's a camouflage foundation. I thought it might be really thick/ cakey but it's not at all. 

I think that's all i wanted to cover in this blog so will update in a few weeks! 



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