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letting acne take over my life :(

insecure bad bitch


Sometimes my acne will flare up soooooo bad... it rlly sucks. like my friends will invite me places and i rlly want to go but... my face is all gross and blotchy and puffy. and i just don't like the way i look when that happens... or when I'm at school and i think I'm having a good face day.. but then ACNE STRIKES and i look in the mirror after lunch and my acne is like red and swelling its disgusting :( but ya know... and I'm rlly trying to find a solution that i can get at like drugstore... going into high school and sorta wanted to have a mini glo up.. just tired of being scared to leave the house.... 


It's frustrating no matter the age but especially being a teenager has to be difficulty.  I would recommend that you talk to your parents about visiting a dermatologist.  Acne can scar and there is no need to go on the drug store merry go round to eventually have to go see a derm.  With that said, there is also the usual advice of changing your diet to see if that helps.  Keep in mind that you are still young so hormones will be hormones and despite intervention, you may just have to ride through it.  

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I feel you. :( Sometimes I feel like my acne is holding me back from doing things I enjoy and even though I feel like giving up most of the times I refuse to let it take over my life. You are strong and beautiful - you can get through this. It's helpful if you asses your whole lifestyle and note the things which may be triggering your breakouts. This has helped me and my acne has evidently diminished. Just don't give up because it's not an overnight process. You have to be extremely patient when carrying out a treatment or regimen. Also, don't stress over it. The more you stress the more noticeable it may seem. I know it's hard and I completely understand what you're going through being a teen myself. Your acne does not define who you are. 

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