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Week 8



a new active pimple came up this morning so that was a major bummer, awful cyst from a few weeks ago is still healing (SUPER slow I might add) but right above it got 3 new pimples (waaaaay more manageable than that terrible cyst I had but still looks pretty shitty), cheek patch is in full stage of purging (such a bummer cause it had really shrunk a couple of weeks ago). It is pretty red and sore. One week away from two months of treatment. All and all everything still sucks but still have a little hope I can finally have clear skin.So I had a follow up appointment with my derm and she said my skin had definitely improved so that is good news but she is still pushing accutane I have mixed emotions about that cause she just seems so casual about it, it isn't a casual drug. Anyway we are going to try uping my Spiro dosage to 150mg and giving that one more month.


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