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Accutane Week 13 & 14: Update



Feeling quite down again and am pretty sick of being on Accutane. Cannot wait for this to be over :( I feel like the side effects I'm suffering are just bugging my big time now and am feeling fed up and annoyed now.

Right, now that I have my rant out of the way - the update you guys will be more interested in:

  • Acne Update - Breaking out again! Yes. Not happy. For the last 2 weeks am getting random spots on my cheeks and chin - why?! Just when I thought things were improving. Ughhhhh. Is this normal given I have completed 3 months? Has anyone else suffered the same? Its so depressing. I now feel like all the progress I  made so far is worthless. meh!
  • Dryness - :( No improvement here whatsoever! Going to try sudacrem from today. Will update next week.
  • Lips - Cracked corners are back but I think I blame myself - have slacked with my water intake in the last week or so (mainly because I have been off work and busy with weddings galore!). Need to get back on the 2-3 ltr water intake.
  • Toilet Problem - No complaints here thankfully!
  • Aches and Pains - Back and legs have been hurting for a few days. I think the reason for this is water intake - so I really do need to get back on this ASAP.

Had my appt with nurse last week and my cholestrol is quite high so need to watch that. Anyone else had this problem? Any tips to lower it?

Generally speaking - not been an ideal 2 weeks. Hoping things improve..


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