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Roaccutane - Week 1 (30mg)



So I've decided to write once a week in the blog about how my skin is doing etc on Roaccutane.

The first couple days i did not notice anything at all, nothing changed and I didn't feel any different.

On the third day I went a walk for about 20 minutes and it was sunny and I actually had some sunburn on my chest for a couple days, I didn't think that would happen so quickly! 

Side effects : for a few days this week I noticed when I take my pills my right eye twitches for a good 15 minutes which is annoying but its relieved by drinking more water.

Ive been experiencing very MILD lower back pain but I started doing a yoga class and some extra exercise so it could have just been that.

My lips started getting dry on the 5th day (this is day 8) and now they are pretty dry and I have to apply vaseline every hour. 

I have been getting increasingly thirsty too, I wake up always needing to drink a ton of water because my mouth is so dry.

One huge side effect already is my scalp has been SOOOOOO itchy like unbearably itchy, its really bothering me. Im going purchase some dandruff shampoo BUT I read that putting olive oil on your hair is good to do? Anyone used olive oil on their scalp? 

Skin update : Hmm.. nothing significant has occured but I have experienced more spots coming out and then clearing after a few days. I just had a whitehead on my upper lip appear overnight!  My nose feels smooth but everything else is a mess. 

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I've got a recommendation for itchy scalp!

I had some really bad psoriasis on my scalp not long ago and I found that the best treatment for me was coconut oil. It's probably best to buy the organic stuff but I just used the cheap one from my corner shop. I massaged it into my scalp at night and left it on over night (I put a T-Shirt over my pillowcase to protect it from the oil.)
It can be tricky to get out with just shampoo, but if you coat your scalp and hair in conditioner and leave it on for about 15 minutes to half an hour, the conditioning agents break down the oil and you can just rinse it away in the shower and shampoo and condition as normal.

Another tip is to follow with a cool water rinse of one tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of cold water. Just pour it over your scalp and let it sit for a few minutes. The vinegar rebalances the pH of your scalp without drying it out and it leaves your hair sooo shiny.

Good luck!

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