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Day 1 of accutane



This is my first day on accutane! I'm 13 years old and have had acne since grade 6. I've done a lot of research and read a lot of blogs, and finally decided to do it! Before I decided to start Accutane I had gone on a diet for my acne that included not eating gluten, dairy, corn, refined sugars, rice and some other odd foods. I was expecting it to be all clear after 4 months of doing this. A silly expectation I guess because it wasn't clear, the only thing that had happened was the redness on my face went way down, oh and I was stressed because I felt like I couldn't eat anything! Initially I was afraid of the not so common side effects such as depression, anxiety, IBD and the list goes on, but after reading so many reassuring accutane blogs and so many articles on it, I finally just thought, I can do this! I'm expecting the common side effects such as dryness on the lips, nose, maybe eyes, pretty much everywhere, and maybe some joint pain. As for when I'm hoping to see results, I'm keeping my expectation pretty realistic, I'm hoping to see results around the month 3.  I'll be pretty consistent updating on what my daily side effects are, the products I'm using, and what I'm seeing my acne do! I'll  also be uploading some pictures time to time! Feel free to ask questions or tell me about your accutane journey/experience, I would really appreciate it!!! 


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For a 13 year old you definitely sound mature.  Good luck on your journey .  It is great that you gave diet a try. Not the easiest thing to do but definitely worth a shot.  Keep in mind that you are working against your teen hormones so im not surprised it wasn't 100% successful.

Many of us have been on accurate at one point or another so feel free to ask questions or get advice .

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