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Well hi I'm Karina, I'm 17 years old and I've struggled with acne ever since I was 12. The fact that I can't have a clear face like others kills me. Struggling with acne had lowered my self esteem significantly. I'm so scared to socialize with others because I'm traumatized that they are only paying attention to the huge cystic pimples I have around my face. Idk whether I should believe things will get better and believe in God. I'm currently taking epiduo and it's been about 8-9 weeks that I've been prescribed to this treatment and so far I haven't seen much improvement. I took accutane about a year ago and it work magnificently and I thought wow I'm finally going to be able to have a clear face but that's not the case. After I stopped taking accutane about six months later I started breaking out again. These breakouts started off as just little zits but then time after time they started turning into these huge cysts and I couldn't take it anymore. Can someone tell me that there is hope that this will get better and that I'll have at least a face that is 85 percent clear. I hate this so much. Why. Couldn't. I. Have. Clear.dkin.in.the.1st.place?? Gosh I HATE THIS SO MUCH!!!!

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I am by no means an expert and I am sorry to hear that your acne came back after accutane but have you ever considered getting your hormone levels tested? A lot of women have acne because there hormones levels are too high and they benefit from an androgen blocker. I am currently going through this type of treatment and I don't have clear skin yet (start of 8 weeks) but it was very encouraging to finally understand the root of my problems. Just a suggestion! Good luck and know I am praying you find some peace. Acne sucks but nothing is permanent :)

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