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Week 7



Well another week has gone by and still very frustrated. Haven’t seen much improvement at all (a little improvement in the texture) I went to my OB/GYN to have my hormones tested because something felt off and in fact my androgen levels were high (but no PCOS??)  so I am definitely on the right medication (Spironolactone) to help lower those and hopefully that will help my hormonal acne. Just makes me wonder why my derm didn’t do a blood test to confirm this was a hormone problem?!

That weird cluster of cysts I have are healing and so are a few zits from the middle of the week (the healing process seems reaaaally slow recently) I have three active zits but the major improvement I saw a week ago on this weird patch on my cheek (its hormonal acne and is bumpy but rather non-inflammatory) has gotten more defined in the past few days----SO annoying!

I just keep telling myself that I got to make it 3 months and then I can move on to something stronger & with guaranteed results (Accutane).


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